Paper Schmaper

A St. Louis Design & Letterpress Studio

My name is Krissy and Paper Schmaper is my playground. I’m a designer with a passion for paper and an unparalleled enthusiasm for the art of the handwritten note.

Paper Schmaper, a St. Louis Design & Letterpress Studio, started in 2008 with a need to get away from the computer and back to the roots of typography & printmaking. In the necessity to get my hands dirty, a new found inspiration behind the computer and beyond unsurfaced. This appreciation for letterpress far surpassed anything that could be read in a book.

Beginning by restoring an 1800’s Golding Pearl No. 1, an 1881 Paragon paper cutter and then moving on to a 1911 Golding Pearl No. 11, I officially adopted over 1,300 lbs of cast iron. These presses taught me so much about patience, dedication, and craftsmanship. Sadly, I had to part with the Pearls in order to grow the business. In 2015, I purchased my dream press – a 1950’s Heidelberg Windmill that I named Ludwig- and turned our 1 car garage into a proper studio.

In this time of technology and instant gratification – I invite you to take a step back and experience the tactile element of the oldest form of printing. Whether you are sending a note, inviting your loved ones to life’s biggest moments, or creating high-impact business materials that beg to be kept, I take pride in the details that make a lasting impression. Get in touch and let’s make something great!

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